Intelligent parking. Superior experience. Drives better performance, efficiency and security. Our next-generation parking guidance will bring you the kind of conveniences that increase market share and repeat business.


License Plate Recognition

Camera-based smart sensor is core to our intelligent space guidance system. It is flexible and adaptable to various layouts of parking facility. Compared to traditional sensor camera, our LPR camera detects occupancy of the space and captures license plate in megapixel resolution. LPR’s Megapixel video gives the manager greater details in each parking space and its surroundings.

  • Daisy-chain network cabling

  • 99.99% accuracy in detection and recognition

  • Multi-Stream, megapixel resolution

  • Secure owners’ properties and visitors’ safety.

Muiti-color LED Lights
Camera-based smart sensor automatically switches LED lights if the parking space is occupied and shortens drivers’ time in finding parking space. LED color is adjustable to different colors to vacant (green), occupied (red), and handicapped (blue).

Parking 02.png
park 03.JPG
park 04.JPG

Dynamic Signage
In most parking facilities, the display of remaining parking lot quantity is usually at the entrance or on each floor level, but provides minimal aid in directing drivers to the closest available spaces especially when the parking lot surroundings look quite similar. The Dynamic Signage provides clear information on each floor and directions to the available spaces to minimize the driver’s time in parking.