Speakerbus has developed the iTurret and iSeries product family to fulfil the requirements for decentralised solutions that lower the total cost of ownership, interoperate with best-of-breed vendor technologies and remain flexible, while delivering high performance to the end user and support organisation.

Speakerbus’ iTurret technology creates a distributed solution by processing voice traffic and user input at the desk endpoint. The autonomy of the endpoint enables the iTurret to access multiple service types and support a variety of applications, with the added benefit of increased resilience.



The iE816 button expansion module provides extra buttons, soft keys and twin colour displays.

Additional features provided by the iE816 include a user customizable number of float, fixed, speed dial function and direct line access keys. Up to two iE816 expansion modules can be supported via a single iTurret (iD808). Speakerbus’ iTurret (iD808) can be upgraded in the field with additional expansion modules, which helps lower total cost of ownership.

The iTurret provides a flexible approach to voice communications in a modular design. Its main module is the communication hub that is augmented with expansion units (side cars) for additional soft keys and speaker channels.


The 8 modular permutations provides customers with a desktop that boosts productivity through the simplification of voice communications.




iE801 - iTurret 8 channel speaker expansion module The iE801 offers integral speaker paging, facilitating up to 96* speaker channel assignments, spread across 4 pages of speaker channels. Multiple pre-set pages of speaker channels can be rapidly defined, programmed and automatically reconnected. The iE801 is ideally suited to global mission-critical environments.


Additional features provided by the iE801 include a variety of speaker muting functions, dedicated group talk keys, along with one touch answer and dial out from speaker channel keys. The iE801 also allows the user to assign channels to the left, right or both speakers. In trials, spatial differentiation has shown to help to identify different groups.


Single Channel Intercom - iD712

The iD712 provides core functionality at an entry level cost to the range of iSeries intercom endpoints. It can be used to link user groups and support teams with breaking news and group conferencing. Together these tools lead to an increasingly informed user community, which in turn enhances collaboration driving business and workflow efficiencies.

The ZERO8 is a versatile multi-channel speaker device for trading applications. The ZERO8’s collaborative interactions enable traders to communicate with their advisors, counterparties and clients using Private Wire, Intercom, Hoot ‘n’ Holler, Telephony and Broadcasts.


The iManager Portal enables plug ‘n’ trade provisioning for faster deployments. The portal continually monitors the network rapidly identifying new devices and synchronises known endpoints with ‘live’ updates. The ZERO8 achieves high level speaker output while retaining an compact form factor using a tuned speaker enclosure and dual drivers.

Eight Channel Trader Endpoint - ZERO8 (SE 708)