Storage Management

Storage Management automatically uploads digital evidence from Body Cameras and any networked workstation to its secure storage repository. During uploading, evidence integrity is authenticated and metatags are applied to make searching and review easier than ever.


All searching and review of evidence is done through one easy-to-use web interface. Therefore, only authorized users have access to evidence. This design simplifies how evidence is found, redacted, exported and shared. Above all, Storage Management makes it easy and cost-effective for law enforcement agencies to keep digital evidence for years.

Body cameras

The Body Camera is an easy to use body-worn camera that every law enforcement agency can trust. Every incident is caught on video and captured accurately with the quick push of the easy to find record button. Due to the small form-factor,  body camera remains light and out of the way for the officer wearing it. Even more important is that the body camera always records high resolution video without greatly increasing cost.


The Body Cameras are fully integrated with the Storage Management  System and as a result, no evidence is ever compromised. Any law enforcement agency can easily configure and control all settings for the camera, including pre-record, through the storage management interface. The Body Camera will record for hours and then quickly upload the recorded video into storage once placed in the charging dock at the end of shift.

arqview_02 (1).png

Body cam Mobile app

The Body Cam App has many features that integrate closely with the body cameras. This ultimately creates a system that is mobile and fast to use. It was created to run on any mobile device for the purpose of making an officer’s job easier, not harder. Officers can use the app while in the field to review video and metatag. They never have to wait to get back to the department to take notes on videos. In addition to metatagging in the field, the app has the ability to live-view and see what the camera sees. This is helpful when setting up to take pictures of important objects. Officers can also control certain personal settings on their cameras such as volume for audible beeps and vibration notifications. The ARQview app runs on iOS and Android devices.

Docking Solutions

The multi-port docking stations will automatically upload video recordings and digital pictures taken with the body cameras. This digital evidence will be securely stored in the Storage Management System. These are standalone docks that only need power and a network connection to be part of your DEM. The multi-port docks will apply system camera settings, firmware upgrades for cameras, charge the body cameras, and upload video. A full shift’s worth of video and pictures can be uploaded into the storage in under 15 minutes. Each camera will turn off automatically after uploading video and quickly charge before the next shift.