AIT offers a broad portfolio of Belden's comprehensive line of industrial cabling, connectivity and networking devices, offering the most reliable communications solutions for your application.

Whether you are networking your devices to the controllers, connecting the controllers to the control room, relaying data between the control room, the engineering department, and remote manufacturing sites - or all of the above - Belden has the products you need to seamlessly connect your communications.


Unmanaged Switches
Managed Switches
Embedded Ethernet
OZD Profi 12M G22 Fiber Optic Repeater
Fiber Optic Fieldbus Repeaters / Modems
Managed Rack Mount Switches
Rack Mount Switches
Routers & WAN
Security & Firewalls
Industrial Media Converters
Media Converters
Serial Communications
Secure Remote Access Solution
Wireless LAN


The Dahua Network Security System provides all the components to quickly install, configure, and employ a complete video surveillance solution.


Huawei's comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions enables you to realize smooth digital transformation and rapid growth of virtualization, Big Data, and cloud services.

Achieve success in industries such as finance, Internet, retail, education, manufacturing, and public services. And with solutions rated as Challenger and Visionary by Gartner, Huawei will take you to the next level with the industry’s most-diversified products that support flexible networking ranging from 500 to over 50,000 servers. Real-time analysis of collected data enables quick and continuous service innovation and intelligent O&M.