A single solution that lets you record high-quality video, keep it as long as you need it, and manage it so that you can easily locate any event. Record, store, and manage your surveillance video assets while providing seamless video lifecycle management.

  • RTSP Camera Support – direct video feeds from hundreds of different camera manufacturers without the need for any special drivers

  • High Quality Video – capture all video at the highest quality and full megapixel resolutions, never compromise on quality for retention requirements

  • Logging and Tagging – create log entries for specific clips of video to make those events easier to find during search and playback

Surveillance Video Management

VMS is a fully automated surveillance system. Record from any surveillance camera on the market and keep that video for as long as you need. User-defined policies provide a seamless video lifecycle management solution that lets you move and manage digital video without ever having to touch a computer.

Live View

View live feeds directly from any of the surveillance cameras configured with the VMS system. You have complete control over your network of surveillance cameras: digital and mechanical (if available) pan-tilt-zoom, control the focus, and create a variety of camera layouts in the viewing matrix.

Ultra-fast Search and Playback

Specify multiple search criteria to find that “needle in the haystack.” Metadata, thumbnails, and low-res companion files let you quickly locate and play back any videos of interest – even when they are offline. You can perform content-based search queries against event metadata that is archived by the customer-extendable VMS metadata capabilities. 

High-Quality Video

Capture all video with the highest quality, full megapixel resolution, at 30 frames per second (fps). With the ability to utilize existing storage assets, there is no need to record at a low resolution just to save space. VMS System uses low-resolution companion files which minimize the need to access the high-quality original video until specifically required.